Zion Lutheran Early Childhood

Welcome to Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Program                                                                       Spirit Week Monday, September 14th - Friday, September, 18th!                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Zion Lutheran Early Childhood is a Christ-centered child care program that is part of the ministry of Zion Lutheran Church. We strive to prepare our children for further education in our Christian Day School. We provide a planned yet relaxed program with an emphasis on play that provides a blending of enrichment activities and learning experiences which are age-appropriate for each child. The unpressured atmosphere of our program is designed to foster the spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive, and social growth of each child that attends. Each member of our staff provides a strong Christian role model for the children to emulate in their lives. The staff desires that each child will know that they are loved by God, just as they are by us.